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September 16, 2010 / ashithymia


There are many symbols for sound found in music notation, on our iPods, on telephones,televisions, etc.etc. However, their meanings are often quite different, from music notation which denotes how we should play a sound (e.g. legato, forte, accented, gradually becoming louder) to the call button on a telephone which allows us to hear sound.

A very common sound symbol is the ‘play’ symbol.

Found on iPods, alarm clocks, CD players and even on our computers, this symbol is widely recognised and is a symbol which denotes the way in which we may begin the happening of sound.

International Symbol of Access for Hearing Loss

This is a world recognised symbol for those with hearing impairment.  These signs are often included in a similar form inside halls and auditoriums, but with the addition of a capital ‘T’ in the lower right hand corner.  This symbol with the ‘T’ is used to communicate to those with hearing impediments that they can switch the mode of their hearing aid to the loop setting which will allow them to hear what is happening with more ease during such situations.


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