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August 10, 2010 / ashithymia


In class and for homework, we were assigned the task of completing symbols for roadsigns.  I found this very challenging to think about as many of the roadsigns were difficult to express in a symbol.  I tried to not do this too pictorially as this is a mistake which I made with the previous exercise on the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme.

Red Light District- I chose to use the symbol of a pole dancer as I thought using the red light from a traffic set of lights could confuse viewers into thinking it was a traffic related sign.

Soccer Pitch – I have portrayed a soccer ball and a goal.

Low Gravity Area- This was a difficult one.  I thought about using a figure of a person floating in the air, but thought this could give the impression of someone tripping over.  Instead I chose to use the symbol of an astronaut’s helmet.

High Crime – I chose to portray a robber, but as a few weapons so as to not confuse viewers that this sign was talking about pick pockets.

Street busker- Many buskers often use their instrument cases as a place where passers-by can place their lose change.

Gold Digger- I found this one very difficult, so I decided upon using a female figure and a shovel.

Low Flying Birds- I chose to use a large bird and a car driving towards this as the scale helps to communicate the height at which the bird is flying.

Fun Run- Another difficult one, this one is fairly self explanatory – a figure running.

Cinemas – I chose to use the screen of a movie theatre and rows of seats.

Fashion Shop- I also found this one difficult as using just the symbols of a bag or clothes may have symbolised a bag shop or a dry cleaner.  I chose to incorporate the coat hanger and a pair of shoes which are female ones as this seemed to reinforce the idea of fashion.

Wet Paint- Fairly self explanatory again, a paint brush with dripping paint.

Big Surf- I tried to communicate the height of the surf by creating heaps of wave shapes and making the surfboard smaller.


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