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August 9, 2010 / ashithymia


From class last week, we presented three of our top symbols to the class.  We received feedback on them and took this into consideration.  We were told that our concept was well thought out, but our symbol still clearly needed work.  So we all piled together some ideas and decided on a slightly different design, still based on the triangle.

These are some greyscale concepts on the logo design which we decided upon.

It is still based on the equilateral triangle, symbolising equality – which was the word we chose for our group to stand for.  It is also made up of three triangles to symbolise each person.  The shape, also, looks very much like the capital ‘A’ letterform, embodying the first initial of all our names.


This is the final logo which we decided upon in colour.  We chose two shades of a more green-blue as blue is a fairly neutral colour.  We tried to steer away from a deeper corporate blue as we didn’t want it to appear like an organisation.  Blue is a positive colour and this links in with equality, we also agreed that the slight green tinge gave reference to our cause ‘Green Lungs’.

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