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August 9, 2010 / ashithymia


For the cause that my group has been delegated, ‘Green Lungs’, we chose to divide up the workload and allow each person to complete one symbol and argument that they thought best represents the cause.


This is thesymbol which I have devised.

It is a fairly simple symbol through which I have tried to embody an organic feel, but also promote the ‘Green Lungs’ cause through a literal way.  The green shape on the left which has a negative spaced out leaf shape inside it symbolises the green space which the ‘Green Lungs’ cause is promoting.  It is taking the cause literally through presenting an actual shape which is green, and a leaf to present the plants which the cause is encouraging those who live in the inner city to plant.

The grey shapes which take up the other three sides of the symbol represent the city buildings, grey symbolising industrial space and also man-made structures.  Together, the contrast of the green with the grey shapes promotes the cause, putting forward the notion that a little greenspace can brighten up a gloomy, industrialised city as well as improving the overall health and wellbeing of city dwellers.

I understand that is it probably difficult to understand all this through the symbol without first being educated as to its meaning.  However, due to the way in which I have presented the cause literally through symbolism, I believe that it will make the symbol easier to understand and henceforth more effective.


This is Abby’s symbol.

This logo symbolises the encouragement of city dwellers to cover their city with natural plants.  The blue has been used as it is less cliche then the usual green colour.  The flower like shape in the bottom right hand corner symbolises the organic forms of plants and the way in which it is stretching across the circle which encloses it, represents the way in which we want people to embrace green space.


This is Abe’s symbol.

This symbol represents greenspace in terms of sustainability for future generations.  The curved arrows represent the sustainability as the known symbol for recycling is very similar, and those arrows extend the same meaning.  The green circle is literally green space and the leaf represents the plants.


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