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August 9, 2010 / ashithymia


Many cultures and traditions have superstitions which they pass down to each generation.  Generally, it is not always clear where these superstitions have emerged from as they are notions not based on knowledge or reason.  They often feature luck and prophecy as a main part and are often called ‘old wives’ tales’.

I am Italian, Russian, Polish and Slovenian by descent so my family has passed on many superstitions down to me.

Lock of Hair

It is a European superstition that a mother should keep the first lock of hair that is cut from her child’s head for good luck.


It is a Slovenian tradition to say that when someone sneezes it is good luck because somebody is thinking good things about you.

Lady Bug

It is good luck if a lady bug lands on you.

Rabbit’s Foot

In European tradition, the hind foot of a rabbit is said to be good luck.  It is said to enhance the owner’s chances to became a parent.


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