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July 27, 2010 / ashithymia


During this Symbols and Distribution lesson, all students were asked to gather in their tribes and discuss what they stood for and valued, how they wanted to be perceived by others and from this discussion; devise a symbol and team name which took into account all points brought forward.  The symbol and name clearly needed to be well thought out and well designed as it will last each team until the end of the assessment and must be a good representation of the tribe and its values.


Through our mind map, our group listed all the qualities which we value in individuals, cultures and the environment.  We thought deeply about more than just design and creativity itself and recognised that we were very conscious about controlling the repercussions our designs may have on others and the environment.  It is very important to ensure that, as designers, we look towards the future in terms of preserving the world and its resources through sustainable designs.  Through the role which we are hoping to take in life, our decisions can ultimately impact upon the world in either detrimental or beneficial ways, and while it may seem egocentric to think so much of one design that we make could have such a large influence, it is part of our judgement and responsibilities as future and existing designers to do this.

More personally, we listed values such as our friends, family and relationships and qualities which we value in others and ourselves; such as trust, equality, honesty and justice.  We see ourselves as role models (we all have younger siblings) and although this is usually only present in the home and around our family, we realise that we should present ourselves with respect and the qualities we value to ensure that these are channeled into good design practices.  However, we do value things such as freedom, being carefree and free spirited, youthfulness and outgoing natures but think that these should not be put before more important qualities which are needed to form relationships and bonds with others.


Our paragraph, as it was intended to, summarised the most important and over reaching qualities which we found in our mind map.

We stand for the equality and justice for all, and believe in the conservation of natural resources through good design in order to sustain them for future generations.  We place importance in relationships, honesty, trust and respect.  We also believe that good design should not compromise the living conditions, rights or entitlements of an individual, country or world and thus strive to ensure that our values are reflected and channeled into our design practices and outcomes.


We knew that the design aspect which we included in our paragraph could all come under the one over reaching topic and came up with a sentence which encompassed the best values and qualities of a person.

We believe and stand for equality, justice and respect in all aspects of life.


The word which we came up with was equality as we thought this brought together a way in which all people could be given the respect, trust and honesty which they deserve.  Also, this links in to design practices are ensuring that equality is always at the forefront of our minds should allow us to produce designs which do not compromise any individual, group or the environment.


We wanted our symbol to link in the idea of equality with the letter ‘A’ as all members in our group have their names beginning with A.  We played around with existing symbols for equality such as the equal sign and scale.  Also, we played around with triangles, as there are three members in our group.

The symbol we decided upon was the following:

-It incorporates the triangle shape which symbolises the three members of our group.  It is an equilateral triangle which denotes our value of equality.

-The three sections, once again, are for the three members of the group.  These are also based on the mathematical symbol for ‘is congruent to’, which is three horizontal lines of the same length placed directly above eachother and equidistant from one another .

-The triangle symbol also resembles the letter ‘A’, the common first initial of all members in our group.

-We chose to colour in the top triangle as it reinforces the equilateral triangle aspect that reflects equality.


We completed a mind map of all the ideas we had for a name.  We based most of our names around our initial ‘A’ which we thought best represented us.  Some of our options included A-side, AAA, 3a’s, triple a’s and Access All Areas.

Finally, the tribe name which we agreed on was ‘a-teen’ which is a play on the movie the ‘A-team’ and the fact that we are all eighteen years old.  We also used the letter a, once again, as it is reflected in our logo and together, the name and logo reinforce one another.


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